RCI Token.

RCI – Crypto Token Launch Services.
Providing Blockchain Education, Research and Consultancy.

RCI is a community token based on TRC20, that accelerating Blockchain literacy, inclusion and adoption towards real life use cases and application.

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Education Space

We provide the community with basic knowledge of Blockchain and Crypto system to enhance crypto literacy of Indonesian People

Consulting Space

We provide token launch services to help people digitalize their business

Barter Space

We provide a space for people to showcase their unique artwork and masterpieces

About RCI Token.

RCI is building a constructive community and ecosystem in adopting blockchain technology to solve problems for various real life use cases and application.

Token Allocation

How RCI Token be allocated
  • Total Supply5,000 RCI
  • RCI Dev Team2,000 RCI
  • Backup Investor1,000 RCI
  • Event And Bounty500 RCI
  • Market Hodler1,500 RCI

*Unsold RCI token from will be burned

What, How, Where RCI Token?

What is RCI ?
RCI is a community token based on TRC20, that accelerating Blockchain literacy, inclusion and adoption towards real life use cases and application.

What Makes RCI Unique ?
Perhaps RCI’s most recognizable unique function is the use for RCI activities and offerings ranging from Education, Workshop, Research, Consultancy and Advisory. It also caters for a complete Crypto Token Launch services, starting from the idea to conception, creation and launch of a new token. Following the latest trend and development in Blockchain industry, RCI is in the good position to usher a big wave in the emergence of Community Token, Custom Token, Social Token and the likes.

How Many RCI Are There In Total ?
The maximum total supply of RCI is limited to 5,000 (five thousand) tokens.

Where Can You Buy RCI ?
RCI can be traded at JustSwap for now, and will be listed at several exchanges this year.


Executive team

Pieter Louis

Chief Executive Officer




Community Leader


Social Media & Visual Design




Web Development

Project Advisors

No personnel found, please create the personnel post to use the item.


the process of our RCI program


December 2020


January - December 2021


March - June 2022


December 2020

Idea development

Rumah Crypto Indonesia (RCI)

  • December 27th : RCI was officially Made 
  • December 28th : RCI enter justswap Market 
  • December 31th : RCI First internal airdrop
January - December 2021

First Event RCI

  • January : RCI Official Website launch 
  • April : RCI Listed on Bololex Exchanger 
  • June : RCI Learning Space and Launch Space available on Website 
  • July : RCI Community Space available on website 
  • September : RCI Barter Space available on website 
  • December : RCI Investment Project Launch
March - June 2022

Second Event RCI

  • March : RCI listed on Polonidex / other exchanger 
  • June : RCI second Invesment Project Launch

Final RCI Event

RCI become global tradeable and investment Token

Partners & Investors

Thanks to our partners who made it happen

We are featured in

Many popular Token & blockchain publishing


RCI Token. connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RCI Token. to provide one.

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