About RCI Token

RCI is building a constructive community and ecosystem in adopting blockchain technology to solve problems for various real life use cases and application.

We help people to learn and understand about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, token and new developement in this space through many various workshops and researches.

RCI also provides a complete Crypto Token Launch services, starting from the idea to conception, creation and launch of a new token. Following the latest trend and development in Blockchain industry, RCI is in the good position to usher a big wave in the emergence of Community Token, Custom Token, Social Token and the likes.

In every activity mentioned above, which are Education, Research, Consultancy and Advisory, it will only use and involve RCI Token. This way, we can actively contribute to the acceleration of blockchain literacy, inclusion and application

Currently, our Crypto Token is integrated with the TRON Blockchain to enable flexibility, fast speed, low cost of transaction, financial control and stringent security. RCI Token is already listed and tradable in JustSwap. This year of 2021, RCI is preparing to have RCI Token listed in several crypto exchanges, such as PoloniDex, Hotbit and Indodax. To support this plan, we will run several activities and campaign involving RCI token, where every participating RCI Token holder would reap financial benefit.

With a total supply of only 5,000 (five thousand) RCI Token, and supported by a rapid growth of community, ecosystem and upcoming Token Launch projects, RCI can easily enhance users’ confidence and increasing the use and value of RCI Token.